What Are Good Foods for IBS?


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WebMD explains that figuring out which foods are good for managing irritable bowel syndrome is an individualized process. Small portions of citrus fruits, berries, salad vegetables and oats are recommended. Small portions of starchy foods such as rice, potatoes and corn are also okay. Other acceptable foods include fish, poultry and lean meats. Choose oils made from plant sources. Select reduced-lactose dairy products or ones completely free of lactose.

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Many IBS sufferers do well on a high-fiber diet, but fiber alone is not enough to alleviate all food triggers that lead to IBS symptoms, according to WebMD. The Cleveland Clinic provides a list of high-fiber foods that are part of an IBS diet. The list includes several varieties of legumes including black, kidney, lima and navy beans. Dried fruits such as raisins, yams, cereals and whole grain breads are also rich sources of fiber. Fiber must be slowly added into the diet to avoid unpleasant bloating and gas. Cooked vegetables are easier to tolerate than raw vegetables. Likewise, canned fruits are a good substitute for fresh fruit.

WebMD notes that it is often challenging for IBS suffers to find the right balance of fiber to eat. Some people feel worse after adapting a healthy diet. A registered dietitian can help sufferers map out an IBS eating plan.

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