What Are Some Good Foods to Eat If You Have Pre-Diabetes?


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Some good foods for people diagnosed as pre-diabetic include high-fiber choices such as beans, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. The lean cuts of red meat, skinless turkey and white-meat chicken are the best choices from the butcher's counter, notes Everyday Health.

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A diagnosis of pre-diabetes doesn't mean that a person has to give up all of their favorite foods. It does mean that smaller portions are necessary, particularly for foods high in starch. However, some simple substitutions retain favorite flavors, without increasing one's blood sugar count. For example: instead of drinking a glass of apple juice, a pre-diabetic can slice an apple and eat half of it. While the apple also has sugar, the fiber in it slows down the digestion process, which helps to keep sugar levels from spiking, states Everyday Health.

When shopping for meat, a pre-diabetic should look for cuts labeled "loin" and "round," and before eating, be sure to trim away all the visible fat. White-meat chicken and skinless turkey are much healthier. Throwing some fish into the mix a few times a week helps prevent a diagnosis of diabetes. Hydration is a must as well, as many people think they're hungry when they're really thirsty, according to Everyday Health.

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