What Are Good Foods to Eat If You Have Gout?


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Some foods to eat if you have gout include fruits; nuts and nut products; green vegetables; and tea, according to WebMD. Non-fat milk and yogurt; cheese; and tomatoes are also healthy choices low in purines.

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What Are Good Foods to Eat If You Have Gout?
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People with gout should drink enough water to stay hydrated and avoid alcoholic beverages, notes Mayo Clinic. Drinking plenty of water and fruit juices helps remove uric acid from the body. Decreasing meat, poultry and fish intake and limiting foods with artificial sweeteners can reduce the risk of gout attacks. Avoid organ meats such as liver and kidneys. Anchovies, sardines and scallops contain significant amounts of purines and may cause gout attacks. Oatmeal and wheat bran are relatively safe for gout patients, states WebMD.

Gout is caused by a buildup of uric acid around the bones and joints, resulting in painful joints that feel tender, arthritic and warm. Without treatment, gout can lead to other medical conditions such as kidney stones and heart disease, explains the Arthritis Foundation. Although gout is usually linked to a diet high in purines, eating a healthy low-purines diet is not a cure for the condition, says Mayo Clinic. Taking medications for gout along with a well-rounded diet decrease gout attacks and symptoms, and having a goal to maintain a healthy weight is also beneficial.

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