What Are Some Good Five-Day Body Detox Plans?


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The five-day detox diet by NatureDrs eliminates all solid foods from the diet for three days. Then, over the next 2 days, the dieter introduces solid foods, says NatureDrs. Another detox diet works by eliminating sugars, grains and meat from the diet to improve health, says Redbook Magazine.

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On the five-day detox plan from NatureDrs, users are allowed to enjoy only detox diet drinks, supplements and protein drinks during the first three days of the program. During the last two days of the detox program, dieters add vegetables, says NaturalDrs. The elimination diet featured in Redbook is an elimination diet in which all sugars and unrefined carbs are eliminated from the diet. This technique helps the user detox from sugars. Unlike other detox plans, the diet allows unlimited servings of both fruits and vegetables. Once the five-day detox plan is completed, the person no longer suffers from sugar cravings and other unhealthy food choices, claims Redbook.

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