What Are Some Good Fitness Exercises for Seniors?


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Walking is good exercise for senior citizens because it requires no special location or equipment and promotes cardiovascular health, according to Helpguide. Yoga is beneficial for its gentle flexibility and strength-building benefits.

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What Are Some Good Fitness Exercises for Seniors?
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Senior citizens require exercise that promotes cardiovascular endurance, reports Helpguide. Such exercises use large muscle groups in rhythmic movements and include activities such as hiking and cycling. These exercises increase a senior citizen's independence by allowing him to do more cleaning, running errands or other activities without getting tired easily.

Strength exercises are important in order to prevent bone, muscle and balance loss, according to Helpguide. Examples of such exercises include using weight machines or doing stretches with elastic cords. Strength exercises promote independence because they allow an individual to lift objects himself and prevent injury from falls.

Seniors need to maintain flexibility and balance later in life to prevent injury and accomplish everyday activities, adds Helpguide. Activities such as yoga move the body's joints and muscles through a full range of motion, but a simple series of stretches improve flexibility, as well. Both tai chi and yoga improve posture, stability and balance. Group fitness classes geared for older people motivate seniors and are a good place to socialize.

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