What are some good fat burning foods?


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Some good fat burning foods are quinoa, grapefruit, Greek yogurt, different types of berries, raw celery and carrots, eggs, sweet potatoes, oatmeal and salads, states WebMD. Other foods that can also help with fat burning are lean meats, fatty fish, chili peppers, green tea and dairy products that are low in fat. These foods may be more effective for burning fat because they have a thermogenic effect or increase metabolism by utilizing calories to break down these foods.

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For example, chili or hot peppers contain capsaicin, which has a thermogenic effect and heats up the body, which is useful for losing calories, notes the Health website. According to certain studies, green tea, which contains the chemicals called catechins, also may help to reduce belly fat, as stated by WebMD. Other foods that can help with belly fat are fish, nuts and tart cherries. Fish is also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Eating foods that are rich in protein, such as Greek yogurt, can help dieters feel full longer and lose fat because they can burn extra calories digesting protein than if they eat carbohydrates, suggests WebMD. Many fruits, which include pears, apples, watermelon and berries, contain high levels of water and fiber that help people stay satiated longer. Similarly, a raw vegetable like celery is also high in water content and contains very few calories.

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