What Are Some Good Facial Exercises for Patients With Bell's Palsy?


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Facial exercises for Bell's palsy are simple and involve tightening and relaxing the facial muscles throughout the day, as WebMD explains. Massaging the forehead, lips and cheeks with cream or oil may also help.

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In addition to exercising and massaging the face, caring for the eyes is also important when dealing with Bell's palsy at home, according to WebMD. If the eye does not close fully or is unable to blink, it may become dry. A dry eye can lead to serious vision problems, so an individual with Bell's palsy must open and close the eyelid with a finger several times a day. Using ointment or eyedrops with methylcellulose is also an option to care for the eyes. Another option is to wear an eye patch when sleeping.

Patients with Bell's palsy should also care for their mouths, especially if the mouth is dry or painful, according to WebMD. If the mouth is not producing a lot of saliva and there is no feeling on one side of the tongue, food may become stuck on the tongue, which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. It is important for those who have Bell's palsy to floss and brush well and often to prevent these issues. Since swallowing issues are possible, it is important for patients to chew food slowly and to consider eating smooth, soft food, such as yogurt.

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