What Are Some Good Exercises to Help Treat Knock Knee?


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Strengthening the inner hamstrings and exercising the vastus medialis and the quadriceps femoris helps to balance the muscles in the legs, explains Erika McAuley for Health Living. Rebalancing leg muscles is a remedy for knock knees unless there is an underlying medical condition that must be treated by a doctor.

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Inactivity can cause knock knees from the deteriorating strength of the inner hamstrings, the vastus medialis and the quadriceps femoris. McAuley recommends using ankle weights ranging between 2 to 5 pounds to strengthen inner hamstring muscles. Sit on the floor and bend each knee slightly, rotate toes towards the opposite leg and then draw the heel towards the buttocks eight to 12 times with each leg.

To strengthen the vastus medialis, face the toes slightly outward and contract the leg as if the kneecap is being pulled toward the hip, notes McAuley. Hold this position for five seconds three to five times on each leg. To exercise the quadriceps femoris, place an exercise ball on a wall and place your back against it. Place a smaller ball between the knees to keep them in place while setting the feet shoulder-width apart and face forward. Perform 90-degree squats in this position eight to 12 times.

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