What Are Some Good Exercises for Tendinitis of the Wrist?


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Stretching exercises are recommended for improving symptoms of tendinitis in the wrist, according to WebMD. Initially, patients strive to strengthen the muscles around the tendon, and gradually begin to stretch the tendon itself.

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Range-of-motion exercises help improve mobility in the tendons and the wrist, and increase the hand's ability to perform regular daily functions, according to Harvard Medical School. It is important to perform extension, flexion and rotation exercises several times a day in sets of 10 repetitions at a time.

A patient with tendinitis performs wrist extension/flexion by placing the forearm on a table with the palm of the hand hanging off the side, explains Harvard Medical School. The hand bends upward until there is a gentle stretch, then returns to the starting position. The person does the exercise twice: once with the palm facing up and a second time when it faces down.

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