What Are Some Good Exercises for Strengthening the Lower Back?


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Good exercises for strengthening the lower back include cat and camel, wall squats, and straight leg raises, as stated by Everyday Health. Pilates and abdominal crunches also aid in strengthening the lower back.

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To perform the cat and camel exercise, a person should lie on his hands and knees and maintain the neck parallel to the floor. Arch the back upward, press the abdominals and the buttocks, and drop the head slightly. Maintain straight arms with body weight distributed evenly between the arms and legs. Hold the position for five seconds before arching the back downward, and repeat for five to 10 times, instructs Everyday Health.

To perform wall squats, stand with the back against a wall and feet approximately a foot from the wall. Squeeze the abs, and bend the knees to 45 degrees while sliding the back on the wall. Hold for five counts, and gently return to an upright position. Repeat for five to 10 times.

For straight leg raises, lie on the back, and maintain one leg straight and the other bent. Raise the extended leg about 6 to 12 inches off the floor, and hold for five counts. Gently lower the leg, and repeat for five to 10 times, says Everyday Health.

Abdominal muscles provide support to the spine. Exercises targeting the abdominals, such as abdominal crunches, aid in strengthening the lower back. Pilates are low-stress exercises that strengthen groups of core muscles. They help to isolate the lower back or abdominal muscles. An individual should do some stretching routines before exercise and consult a doctor before engaging in back exercises, especially for people with lower back pain, recommends Everyday Health.

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