What Are Some Good Exercises to Strengthen Your Spine for Osteoporosis?

What Are Some Good Exercises to Strengthen Your Spine for Osteoporosis?

Good spine strengthening exercise for patients with osteoporosis include chest raises, pressing the neck against resistance, and exercises that strengthen the extensor muscles, explains the National Osteoporosis Foundation. Strength training and weight-bearing exercises can also strengthen the spine, reports WebMd.

To strengthen the extensor muscles, patients need a small- or medium-sized ball, states the National Osteoporosis Foundation. The patient stands up straight, and places the ball against her upper back, between herself and a wall. With feet spread shoulder-length apart and away from the wall, the patient pivots the ankle joints, keeping the spine and knees straight.

To press the neck against resistance, a patient lies on the floor with a pillow under her head, explains the NOF. The patient then pushes her head down toward the floor, while lengthening her spine by stretching her head away from the shoulders. She holds this position for 5 seconds, relaxes and repeats.

To perform chest raises, the patient lies on her stomach on the floor or on a bed, reports the NOF. While maintaining eye contact with the floor, the patient lifts her head and chest, holding the position for 5 seconds, relaxing, and repeating until tired.

Muscle strengthening exercises slow the loss of bone density and include free weights and elastic bands, explains WebMd. Low-impact weight-bearing exercises such as elliptical training machines, low-impact aerobics and walking also help slow the loss of bone density.