What Are Some Good Exercises to Do If You Have Scoliosis?


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A good exercise to perform for those with scoliosis is called the "up and down dog," states Healthline. To perform this, the patient lies in a prone position with arms stretched out straight and pushes her hips as far back as possible. The patient then lowers herself to the ground.

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The patient should do two to three sets of five to 10 reps of the up and down dog, aiming to go as low as possible without suffering pain or discomfort in the back.

Another good exercise is the "step down and one arm reach," according to Healthline. In this exercise, the patient steps on a box with whichever leg appears longer when lying down. The patient then lowers the opposite leg while bending the knee. As the patient descends, she should raise the arm on the same side of the shortest leg as high as possible. This is repeated for two to three sets of five or 10 reps and should not be repeated on the opposite side.

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