What Are Some Good Exercises to Relieve Shoulder Pain?


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A simple exercise to relieve shoulder pain is the arm-over-chest stretch, also known as the crossover stretch, according to Genesis Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. A person can perform it by gripping his elbow with his opposite hand and gently bringing his arm across his chest.

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What Are Some Good Exercises to Relieve Shoulder Pain?
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People performing this stretch should hold it for 30 to 60 seconds, and they should do it gently. As with all of these stretches, they should stop if their pain increases, according to Genesis Orthopedics.

Neck releases are also helpful for many types of shoulder pain, as claimed by Genesis Orthopedics. To perform these, the person should simply sit up straight and lower his chin to his chest. The person can also tilt his head to each side.

Sometimes, strengthening the muscles around the shoulder can help alleviate chronic shoulder pain, especially after a rotator cuff injury, according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. Gentle workout plans that focus on the chest, back, upper arm and shoulder muscles can eventually relieve pain.

For some conditions, such as arthritis in the shoulder, it may be better to focus on altering the exercise program to put less strain on the shoulders and relieve pain, as reported by Healthline. Cycling, particularly on a recumbent bike, can be a good option to build fitness while alleviating shoulder pain.

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