What Are Some Good Exercises to Relieve Pain in Your Neck?


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Some good exercises that can help relieve neck pain include the shoulder roll and the head roll, according to Everyday Health. Muscle stretching and muscle strengthening can also be beneficial. To do muscle stretching, relax your head toward one shoulder and carefully press it down for a few seconds. Repeat the stretch a few more times, and then continue the same process over the other shoulder and over the chest.

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What Are Some Good Exercises to Relieve Pain in Your Neck?
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Do muscle strengthening exercises by repeating the process of the muscle stretching exercises, but push against your hand with your head, exercising the neck muscles. Next, stand with your back against a wall, and press your head against the wall three times for 10 seconds each to strengthen the hard-to-reach muscles in the back of the neck.

Do the shoulder roll by rolling your shoulders upward, backward, downward and forward in a circular motion. Allow your arms and shoulders to relax, and then repeat the exercise at least five more times.

The head roll is similar to the shoulder roll. Roll your head forward from shoulder to shoulder in a semicircle up to 10 times while relaxing the neck muscles. Discontinue any exercise that increases rather than reduces neck pain.

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