What Are Some Good Exercises for People With Foot Drop Syndrome?


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Some exercises for people with foot drop syndrome include stretching exercises, leg flexes, toe curls and exercises to strengthen the lower legs such as wall stretches, shin lifter and seated calf raise, according to AmeriCare Physical Therapy and Runner's World. In some cases, patients will also benefit from gait training, which is a type of exercise that involves correcting the way that a person walks.

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One of the basic stretches that physical therapists will teach a patient with drop foot syndrome involves sitting down on the floor. Patients take a towel and wrap it around their foot at the arch. Then they hold the other ends of the towel and pull. The pull should be soft and will help stretch the muscles in the foot and in the calf, reports AmeriCare Physical Therapy.

A great stretch for building muscle tone in the lower legs is called the shin lifter. This exercise will help patients with drop foot syndrome build muscle tone so that they can walk with less difficulty. The stretch and exercise involves sitting down on a bench or chair. Then take a sock filled with coins or other heavy objects and place the sock on top of the feet. Lift the feet up by themselves while flexing the ankle, notes Runner's World. Repeat this several times by raising and lowering the foot.

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