What Are Some Good Exercises to Help With Osteoarthritis in the Knee?


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An exercise that helps relieve pain from osteoarthritis in the knee includes walking at a slow pace that gradually increases in speed and distance to strengthen muscles and bones, explains Healthline. Water aerobics or walking in a pool also helps improve knee flexibility and build muscle strength.

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What Are Some Good Exercises to Help With Osteoarthritis in the Knee?
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Cardiovascular exercises that are low impact, such as swimming and cycling, also help knee pain associated with osteoarthritis, explains WebMD. A recumbent or stationary bicycle is also recommended because it extends the joint angles without putting too much strain or pressure on the knees.

Moderate weight lifting and strength training exercises are helpful for osteoarthritis in the knee because the muscles around the joints are strengthened and take pressure away from arthritic joints, according to WebMD. Stretching activities such as yoga or tai chi are also recommended because the gentle movements help improve balance and strengthen muscles.

Stretching exercises include lying on a mat, lifting the leg as high as possible, and then lowering it slowly to improve flexibility, according to WebMD. Leg swings in a swimming pool also help loosen the joints. Exercises should be attempted gradually two to three times each week with three sets of eight repetitions per side. Individuals with osteoarthritis in the knee should consult with a medical professional before launching a flexibility or exercise program.

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