What are some good exercises to increase lung capacity?


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Breathing exercises used in yoga and Pilates have been proven to improve lung function, according to a report on Fox News comparing the two forms. All aerobic exercises, also called endurance training, provide a substantial workout for the lungs, explains SportScience.co.

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One breathing technique for improved lung function includes patterned, deliberate breathing in which the participant inhales evenly for 4 seconds, holds, exhales evenly for 4 seconds, and repeat, as explained by the COPD foundation. Another approach is diaphragmatic breathing, which focuses on lowering one's diaphragm to achieve a deep inhale.

Some of the most common and beneficial aerobic exercises include jogging/running, swimming, biking and dancing, suggests the Rush University Medical Health Center.

Interval training increases both lung capacity and muscular efficiency in utilizing oxygen, according to a 2005 study published by the Journal of Applied Physiology. Recommending the practice, the study defines interval training as performing an aerobic activity at a baseline, moderate pace with very brief intervals, not longer than a few minutes, of high intensity.

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