What Are Some Good Exercises That Help Flatten the Tummy?


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Crunches, the windshield wiper and the front bridge are some good exercises that help flatten the tummy, according to HealthyandNaturalWold.com and WomensHealthMag.com. The latter publication also recommends limiting intake of salt, soda and alcohol.

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Crunches primarily target the upper abdomen. Holding the hands by the ears as opposed to behind the head prevents neck straining. The proper position is back flat upon the floor, with knees bent and feet on the floor. During a repetition, the shoulders and upper back lift off the floor, and the face points toward the ceiling.

The windshield wiper works both the upper abdomen and the obliques. The exerciser lies upon his back, with arms spread to the sides and the legs raised 90 degrees. One repetition entails lowering the legs to one side, pausing and then raising the legs to the starting position. 20 repetitions per side is sufficient for beginners.

The front bridge exercise strengthens the entire core and the back muscles. This exercise brings the elbows and the forearms into extended contact with a flat surface, so it is advisable to use a mat. In this exercise position, the whole body is pronated, with the back straight and the body supported upon the toes and pronated forearms.

The exerciser sucks in his belly button, keeps his body straight without locking the knees and breathes continuously while holding this position for as long as possible. Holding this position for however long represents one repetition. HealthyandNaturalWorld.com recommends two to three repetitions.

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