What Are Some Good Exercises to Get a Flat Stomach?


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Hip lifts, sit-ups, and front bridge exercise are some good exercises to get a flat stomach. They help in getting rid of belly fat and tone a person's midsection, if done properly.

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A hip lift requires the person to lie on the floor with his or her arms by the side. The palms should face down, and the legs should be over the hip at an angle of 90 degrees. The feet should be flexed. The next step is to lift the hips off the floor using the core muscles as the legs reach towards the ceiling. The person should then go back to the starting position and repeat for about 15 times.

Sit-ups are good for the upper abdomen. To perform the exercise, a person should lie on the floor and hold the hands by his or her ears and not behind the head to avoid straining the neck. The person should bend the knees with the feet on the floor. The next step is to lift the shoulders and the upper back from the floor with the face pointing to the ceiling. It is important to exhale as much as possible as one comes up, hold for a while, and then inhale when going back to the starting position.

The front bridge exercise strengthens the core muscles and is beneficial to the back. A person should suck the belly button and keep the body straight without locking the knees. The person should continue breathing without holding the breath and hold themselves in that position for as long as they can before taking a rest. The time of staying in that position should be extended gradually.

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