What Are Some Good Exercises That Can Help Tighten up a Sagging Neck?


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Some exercises that help tighten up a sagging neck include head raises, neck rolls and baby birds. Chewing gum, or just performing the motion of chewing it, also helps tighten sagging neck muscles.

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Head raises not only firm up sagging neck skin, but they also stretch the neck muscles and increase circulation. To perform these, a person lies on his back with his head over the edge. He slightly raises his head and attempts to put his chin on his chest, holding the move for a couple of seconds. Neck rolls also help tone muscles in the throat and chin. To perform these, a person rotates his head to a side, raises it towards the ceiling, then rotates it to the other side circularly.

A person performs baby birds by tilting the head back and looking at the ceiling. He then presses his tongue to the roof of his mouth, tilts the head to one side, and then swallows. The exercise needs to be repeated on each side.

Other keys to getting rid of a sagging neck include staying well-hydrated throughout the day and keeping a well-proportioned body fat ratio through full-body exercise. A good body fat ratio is 14 to 24 percent in women and 6 to 17 percent in men.

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