What Are Some Good Exercises for Bad Knees?


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Good exercises for bad knees include quadriceps stretches and hamstring stretches, according to Healthline. It is crucial to warm up muscles before attempting these exercises.

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What Are Some Good Exercises for Bad Knees?
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To execute a quadriceps stretch, an individual stands facing a wall and balances himself by placing his left fingertips against the wall, explains Healthline. He touches his right ankle with his other hand while bending his right knee. Pulling the foot towards the buttocks for a 30-second stretch and repeating the process with the other leg completes this process. As for the hamstring stretch, an individual lies on his back, bends his left knee, puts his foot on the ground and lifts the other leg. He ties the foot with a strap, holds the strap and pulls the foot towards his face. He maintains the position for 30 seconds and repeats the process on the other side.

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