What Are Some Good Exercises for Back Pain?


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Partial crunches and wall sits make good exercises for back pain because they strengthen the back, stomach, and leg muscles and support the spine, explains WebMD. A pelvic tilt is done by lying on the back with knees bent and contracting the stomach muscles, pushing the back into the floor.

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Bridging is a good exercise for stretching the hip flexors, and strengthening the core muscles of the lower back and buttocks. It is done by lying on the back with feet and arms flat on the floor, and gently lifting the pelvis into the air, holding for a few seconds, explains Healthline. The cat and camel stretch begins on all fours with knees and hands on the ground. Rounding and then relaxing the back, while inhaling and exhaling, strengthens the back and abdominal muscles.

Lifting weights may help relive chronic back pain, according to WebMD. Aerobic exercises such as biking and walking may help reduce pain. Swimming is a good exercise choice for a sore back because the water supports the body. Pilates and yoga can be helpful due to the stretching, strengthening and core abdominal exercises used.

Standing toe touches can put stress on the spine’s ligaments and disks, and should be avoided, warns WebMD.

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