What Are Some Good Exercises for Back Fat?


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Cardiovascular exercises such as swimming, walking, running and biking are good exercises to reduce back fat, according to HowToLoseBackFat.org. Healthy back exercises also include a variety of strength training exercises, such as deadlifts, dumbbell rows, pull-ups and back extensions, according to Men's Fitness.

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Cardiovascular exercises burn fat from all areas of the body including the back, states HowToLoseBackFat.org. The three strengthening exercises are back t-raises, single-arm dumbbell rows and assisted pull-ups.

Strengthening exercises to tone the muscles build more muscle mass in the upper and lower back, suggests Men's Fitness. By gaining muscle mass and strength, the risk of injury decreases and posture improves. Men's Fitness provides video tutorials and photos on completing back-fat exercises, such as the weighted pull-up and the dumbbell Romanian deadlift.

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