What Are Some Good Exercise and Fitness Tips?


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Following an effective workout routine, being consistent, setting realistic goals and using the buddy system are just a few important healthy exercise and fitness tips, according to WebMD.

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What Are Some Good Exercise and Fitness Tips?
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A report from The American Council on Exercise says that strength training, increased aerobic exercise and interval training are some of the most efficient workout routines. Strength training involves working out at least twice a week to help build muscle around the whole body. Low-to-moderate exertion exercises such as dancing, walking or running are a fruitful aerobic workouts. Interval training involves walking for five minutes and then running for five minutes, alternating this procedure throughout the exercise.

Being consistent is crucial to seeing and feeling positive results from working out. Most exercise programs do not work properly if the physical activity is not repeated regularly and often over a long period of time.

According to WebMD, setting realistic goals means aiming small and not necessarily for perfection. Focus on increasing healthy behaviors instead of striving for unrealistic performance or weight-loss goals.

The use of the buddy system is proven to be helpful. Having a trustworthy friend who shares the same vision of a healthy lifestyle is important. Further, exercising with a friend makes it harder to skip workouts, because each buddy is counting on the other.

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