What Are Some Good Diets for a Person With Barrett's Esophagus?


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Most often caused by long-term gastrointestinal reflux disease, Barrett's esophagus can be managed by limiting reflux-inducing food triggers, including caffeine, spicy and high-fat foods, alcohol and citrus fruit juices. Changing quantity and timing of meals can also improve symptoms, according to WebMD.

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Other common food triggers include onions, chocolate, peppermint, tomatoes and vinegar-based sauces. Regardless of what foods are eaten, eating too much, too fast or too close to bedtime can also cause acid reflux symptoms to worsen, states WebMD.

Beyond these known food triggers, people with Barrett's esophagus can follow a normal diet. Dishes may need to be altered slightly to lower fat content and reduce spice, but those suffering from this condition can certainly still enjoy their favorite foods. Since every person's body reacts differently, keeping food journals may help patients determine which foods and preparation styles exacerbate or improve symptoms, states WebMD.

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