What Are Some Good Diets for IBS?


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Recommended diets for irritable bowel syndrome include a high-fiber diet, low-fiber diet, gluten-free diet or an elimination diet, which restricts specific foods for a prolonged period, according to Healthline. A low-fat diet that reduces consumption of fatty foods is likely good for sufferers of irritable bowel syndrome as well.

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What Are Some Good Diets for IBS?
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Some people with irritable bowel syndrome find it easier to move bowels by eating fiber-rich foods that help make stools bulky, explains Healthline. It helps to consume 20 to 35 grams of fiber every day. Good sources of fiber include whole grains, fruits and vegetables. However, other people tend to experience worse symptoms when they eat more fiber. In this case, patients should start a low-fiber diet that focuses on foods containing soluble fiber, including oatmeal, carrots, berries and apples.

A gluten-free diet is helpful for gluten-intolerant patients with irritable bowel syndrome, notes Healthline. Grain foods, such as pasta and bread, contain plenty of the protein gluten. The diet also requires eliminating wheat, rye and barley from a person's diet.

Those who opt for an elimination diet should avoid eating nuts, chocolate, coffee and insoluble fiber, which are common causes of gastrointestinal disorder symptoms, states Healthline. A person should avoid eating one trigger food at a time for 12 weeks. Those who start a healthy diet should also drink lots of liquids and maintain a regular exercise routine.

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