What Are Some Good Diet Tips for Cancer Patients?


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Diet tips for people with cancer include limiting salt-cured, smoked and pickled foods, limiting high-fat foods, and eating more fruits and vegetables, according to the American Cancer Society. Eating beans and peas rather than meat a few times per week and trying new foods that may taste good during treatment are also good diet tips for cancer patients.

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Additional tips include eating small snacks throughout the day instead of attempting to eat three large meals, reports the American Cancer Society. Don't wait until hunger occurs; instead eat every few hours. Cancer patients should also eat the biggest meal of the day during whatever time they are hungriest. Drinking fluids between meals is also important, as drinking with meals can lead to a feeling of being full.

During cancer treatment, it is common for the body to require extra calories and an increase in protein to maintain weight and help the body heal, states the American Cancer Society. Snacking is a great way to get the extra caloric intake that is often needed. At times, cancer patients must eat snacks that are not as healthy as might be wished in order to get needed calories. However, eating these types of high-calorie snacks is okay during treatment, and a healthy diet can be continued following treatment.

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