What Are Some Good Diet Sheets for Stomach Ulcers?


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Good diets for stomach ulcers contain foods that do not increase the acid level of the stomach, states Drugs.com. Diet plans and suggestions can be found at specialized websites such as Drugs.com, SymptomFind.com and EverydayHealth.com.

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What Are Some Good Diet Sheets for Stomach Ulcers?
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In order to treat a stomach ulcer and alleviate its symptoms, it's usually appropriate to modify a diet by eliminating all the foods that can make it worse, states SymptomFind. These include foods and beverages such as cola, alcohol, chocolate, high-fat foods and citrus products. The use of spices can also worsen the symptoms.

It is also appropriate to follow specific eating habits and schedules, not only when it comes to ingredients and food, but also related to time and quantity, notes Everyday Health.

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