What Is a Good Diet for Removing Fat From the Belly?


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Dr. Mehmet Oz's Flat Belly Plan is a good diet for getting rid of fat around the belly. The plan involves eating foods to shrink fat cells and shed excess weight by consuming meals that feature monounsaturated fatty acids, which are also known by the acronym MUFA. Reducing inflammation and bloat through diet is also part of the plan.

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What Is a Good Diet for Removing Fat From the Belly?
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To shrink fat cells, Dr. Oz recommends eating three servings of yogurt daily. A study found that dieters lost 81 percent more belly fat when eating yogurt, an effect that is thought to be caused by the calcium in yogurt that stops fat from making its way into the cells.

Dr. Oz recommends meals that have a foundation of MUFAs. MUFA meals include one monounsaturated fat, unlimited vegetables, a complex carbohydrate and 3 ounces of lean protein. MUFA meals should be 350 calories or less.

Reducing the inflammation that has been linked to belly fat involves snacking on anti-inflammatory foods in the afternoon, including berries or sliced yellow peppers. Drinking ginger iced tea with lemon and mint also helps to reduce bloat that can add to the look of belly fat, according to Dr. Oz, since mint reduces gas and ginger aids in digestion.

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