What Is a Good Diet for Prediabetes?


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A diet high in fiber and low on starchy foods is ideal for prediabetes, notes Everyday Health. Managing portions for items with starch is vital, as is eliminating snacks that are high in calories and low in nutritional value. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans are all rich in fiber.

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People with prediabetes do not yet have type 2 diabetes, so making the necessary dietary changes is crucial for their health, states Everyday Health. This means that sugary soda, juice drinks, sweet tea and those high-sugar latte drinks should all stay off the menu. The calories in these types of drinks are empty, contributing no nutritional value.

Foods that are high in fiber make people feel full for a longer period of time and help them cut down on the amount that they eat, explains Everyday Health. At least 50 percent of a prediabetic's plate should have vegetables and fruits that are raw or that have been steamed or sauteed in such healthy fats as olive or vegetable oils. The rest of the plate should contain lean protein sources such as the loin and round cuts of beef and pork, as well as lean poultry and fish, accompanied by whole-grain sources of starch when desired.

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