What Is a Good Diet Plan for an Individual With Prostate Cancer?


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A traditional Japanese diet and a Southern Mediterranean diet are recommended diet plans for an individual with prostate cancer, according to WebMD. The Japanese diet consists of green tea, soy, fish and vegetables, and it is low in calories and fat.

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The Southern Mediterranean diet incorporates a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, red wine, olive oil, fish, garlic, and tomatoes, reports WebMD. Both the Japanese and the Southern Mediterranean diets are low in red meat. Studies show that a lot of fats, especially red meat and high-fat dairy, can cause prostate cancer to thrive. Similarly, margarine and fried and baked foods also promote the proliferation of prostate cancer because they are rich in trans fatty acids.

Cold water fish such as sardines, mackerel, trout and salmon are rich in alpha omega-3 fatty acids that are essential in stemming cancerous growth. When preparing the fish, it is best to grill, poach or bake instead of frying, advises WebMD. Colorful fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, leafy green vegetables, seeds, berries, and nuts possess powerful anti-cancer nutrients and are important for a daily cancer-fighting diet.

Individuals should combine their diets with regular exercise and daily exposure to the sun for the best results. Darker-skinned people in particular are in need of more sunshine, notes WebMD.

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