What Is a Good Diet Plan When You Have Gastritis?


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A good diet plan to treat gastritis is to exclude gluten and dairy as well as acidic, spicy, fatty and fried foods while eating smaller meals more frequently, advises WebMD. Alcohol should also be avoided, as it can irritate the mucous lining of the stomach.

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Other lifestyle changes that are helpful for gastritis include using acetaminophen in place of any pain relievers as well as reducing overall emotional stress, according to Mayo Clinic. Beyond lifestyle changes, acid blockers, such as proton pump inhibitors, are often helpful, notes WebMD. When gastritis is caused by a bacterial infection, doctors often prescribe antibiotics. Gastritis can also be caused by pernicious anemia, in which case supplementation with vitamin B12 is usually prescribed.

Gastritis has several common symptoms, although it can be present with no symptoms at all, states WebMD. Nausea and current upset stomach as well as abdominal bloating are common. Vomiting blood or a material like coffee grounds is also a common symptom as are black, tarry stools. General vomiting, abdominal pain, indigestion or a burning feeling in the stomach between meals or at night are other possible symptoms. Hiccups or a simple loss of appetite can be caused by gastritis. Gastritis itself is any inflammation, irritation or erosion of the lining of the stomach.

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