What Is a Good Diet for a Person With Stomach Cancer?


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A registered dietitian normally prescribes daily supplements of vitamin D, calcium and iron to patients who underwent stomach cancer surgery. Doctors recommend having six small meals a day, according to MedicineNet .

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Weight loss and discomfort with eating may be experienced after a stomach cancer surgery. Patients may also experience feeling full after eating in small amounts. To prevent this, health care providers advise patients to eat small but frequent meals or snacks every two to three hours. It is also advisable to drink liquids before and after eating and not with meals, as this can fill the stomach quickly. Cutting down sugar intake helps prevent complications after a stomach surgery, according to MedicineNtet.com. Soda, cookies, candies and juices should be avoided, and incorporate high-fiber foods such as whole-grain breads and cereals.

Patients who experience severe weight loss due to the surgery or lack of appetite might need feeding tubes to ensure that their bodies get adequate nutrition when they find it too difficult to eat or drink, explains the Canadian Cancer Society. For a more specific diet plan, it is best to seek advice from a registered dietitian. The nutrition needs of stomach cancer patients vary according to the symptoms they experience after the surgery.

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