What Is a Good Diet for People With Short Bowel Syndrome?


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A good diet for patients suffering from a mild case of short bowel syndrome consists of eating several small meals throughout the day, drinking plenty of fluids and taking extra vitamins and minerals. In moderate to serious cases, IV fluids or feeding tubes may be necessary for supplying adequate nutrients, states WebMD.

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Treatment for short bowel syndrome, based upon the severity of the symptoms the patient experiences, includes methods for easing symptoms and supplying ample fluids, vitamins and mineral, states WebMD. Treatment for mild cases include taking medicine for diarrhea and eating several smaller meals throughout the day. Moderate case treatment resembles mild treatment, but may also incorporate extra minerals and fluid using an IV.

Serious cases may require IV fluids injected directly into the small intestine or stomach, instead of the patient eating, according to WebMD. With improvement in condition, the tube feeding may stop. Treatment for the most severe cases of short bowel syndrome requires tube feeding at all times.Other treatments include incorporating medicines, such as Somatropin, L-glutamine and Teduglutide for facilitating the absorption of nutrients and water in the small intestine.

Children with this condition run the risk of issues with growth and development, says WebMD. Making sure the child receives proper nutrition, the nutritionist compiles a diet which supplies sufficient calories and nutrients. With treatment, an adult may experience intestinal adaptation, an adjustment to the shortened length of the small intestine. Intestinal adaptation may take up to two years, but the patient may still need continued treatment for proper nutrition.

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