What a Good Diet for Patients Suffering From Acid Reflux?


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Diets for patients suffering from acid reflux may include oatmeal, egg white, green veggies, fish and lean poultry, according to WebMD. However, no diet is proven to prevent acid reflux, but eating certain foods can help ease symptoms of this condition, in some people, says Healthline.

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Acid reflux occurs when acid from the stomach flows back into the esophagus, causing heartburn. Lean meats and poultry can help relieve acid reflux. Patients should eat broiled, steamed, baked or grilled chicken without the skin. Eggs without the yolks are good protein sources and are low in acid content, essential for reducing acid reflux symptoms. Other foods low in acid includes brown rice, bread from whole grains and poached or baked fish, states WebMD.

Trigger foods to avoid include those high in fat such as cream sauces, french fries, potato chips and full-fat dairy products such as whole milk and sour cream. Additionally, highly acidic fruits such as lemons, oranges, pineapples and tomatoes can cause or worsen acid reflux symptoms, notes Healthline.

Sleeping and quitting smoking can also reduce acid reflux. Smoking increases the risk of heartburn by increasing the amount of the stomach acid and inhibiting the function of muscles that control the amount of acid in the stomach. Sleeping on a chair and not eating for about three hours before lying down can reduce reflux acid symptoms, says WebMD.

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