What Is a Good Diet for a Patient With Pancreatic Problems?


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A good diet for a patient with pancreatic problems, including pancreatitis, contains fruits, vegetables, and foods enriched with iron and B vitamins but limits sugars and fats, explains SF Gate. Foods high in B vitamins and iron, such as spinach, help prevent attacks and minimize symptoms.

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Controlling the diet aids in preventing other complications, including diabetes, kidney failure and breathing problems, that may accompany pancreatitis, explains SF Gate. Antioxidants, which are present in tomatoes, bell peppers, squash as well as cherries and berries, aid in reducing the symptoms.

Low-fat foods are good for a person who suffers from pancreatitis because they alleviate and prevent further complications, advises SF Gate. Other foods for such a patient include brown rice and whole-wheat pasta. The patient should eat white meat and lean beef instead of fatty foods, including bacon, organ meats and pepperoni. Saturated fats are normally present in greasy foods, such as French fries, while trans fats are common in fast foods, packaged foods and certain frozen foods.

Refined grains increase the amounts of triglyceride, which damage the pancreas, according to SF Gate. Sugary foods to avoid include candies, sodas and cakes. A patient with pancreatic cancer may choose to avoid smoked foods, refined foods and foods that contain high levels of fats and proteins, but as of 2015, studies have not substantiated any dietary change that limits the risk of developing the disease, explains WebMD.

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