What Is a Good Diet for Your Pancreas?


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A good diet for the pancreas involves eating low-fat foods, drinking a lot of fluid and avoiding alcohol. Patients with pancreatitis can alleviate their symptoms by eating healthy foods with less than 10 grams of fat per meal, suggests The National Pancreas Foundation.

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People with pancreatic disease or pancreatitis may not have an appetite, notes The National Pancreas Foundation, but eating foods low in fat helps patients manage their pancreas health. Fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy and sources of lean protein are healthy for the pancreas, according to the Pancreas Center. Abstain from drinking alcohol completely until the pancreas regains its health, and stay away from high-fat and greasy foods.

Sometimes the pancreas needs a break from food, says The National Pancreas Foundation. Patients can maintain a clear liquid diet to rest the pancreas. This includes consuming broth and juices such as apple, white grape and cranberry. Do not follow that diet for long, however. Return to a solid food diet once the pancreas can handle more food.

Meals like carrot and sweet potato soup, lentil stew and citrus chicken with oregano contain low fat and are pancreas-friendly, explains The National Pancreas Foundation. Pair those meals with plenty of fluids to stave off dehydration and keep the pancreas functioning well.

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