What Is a Good Diet for Overcoming a Stomach Flu?


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According to WebMD, a good diet for overcoming a stomach flu consists of slowly consuming one cup of fluid hourly, a rehydration solution and, for the first day or so, plain food such as rice and toast. However, people should return to a normal diet as soon as possible to get the necessary fat and protein needed to fully recover.

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WebMD also recommends potassium-rich foods such as bananas, salty foods such as soup, and yogurt that has live bacterial cultures. People should eat some fat such as lean meat because fat makes food digest slower and may help with diarrhea.

Mayo Clinic points out that people with stomach flu should stay away from certain foods, including those with alcohol and spices and foods high in sugar. Ice cream, for example, may make diarrhea more severe. People should also refrain from nicotine consumption. Some ways people with stomach flu can get enough fluids are to suck on ice cubes and to drink clear broths. Simple water is not enough for children who have stomach flu; a doctor may recommend specific approaches to replace electrolyte loss. Apple juice should not be used, as it might lead to worsened diarrhea. Medications should be taken with caution, as they carry the risk of upsetting stomachs.

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