What Is a Good Diet for a Lupus Patient, and What Foods Should Be Avoided?


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In most cases, lupus patients should eat a well-balanced diet with a lot of fruits, vegetables and whole grains and a moderate amount of meat, oily fish and poultry, explains WebMD. There is no food that cures lupus, but a good diet can help treat the condition.

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Foods that contain anti-inflammatory properties, such as fruits and vegetables, are very important for lupus patients, advises WebMD. These foods, along with those containing omega-3 fatty acids, help to reduce the inflammation caused by lupus. Foods that are high in saturated fats, however, can contribute to inflammation and should be limited by those with lupus. These foods include ice cream, butter, whole milk and cheese.

Those with lupus should also avoid alfalfa sprouts, according to WebMD. Alfalfa has been linked to lupus flare-up, and it may cause fatigue, muscle pain, kidney problems and abnormal blood tests. Researchers believe that these problems may be caused by a reaction to a single amino acid found in alfalfa seeds and sprouts. This amino acid triggers the immune system and increases the inflammation that those with lupus experience. Garlic may also have a similar effect, so it is wise for those who have lupus to avoid garlic as well.

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