What Is a Good Diet for Lowering Cholesterol?


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A good diet for lowering cholesterol includes oatmeal and other foods high in fiber, according to Mayo Clinic. Baked or grilled fish such as mackerel and trout that have omega-3 fatty acids are also good parts of such a diet.

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Mayo Clinic recommends nuts because they keep blood vessels functioning well. A handful per day of almonds, walnuts and other types of nuts suffices because they are so high in calories. The nuts should not have sugar or salt. Nuts can also function as replacements for meat, cheese and croutons, such as in salads.

Two tablespoons of olive oil a day instead of other fats are recommended, according to Mayo Clinic. Even better is extra-virgin olive oil. Vegetables can be sauteed in olive oil or used in a marinade or as part of a salad dressing. Olive oil can also replace butter. Like nuts, olive oil is high in calories, so the recommended daily allotment should not be exceeded.

Food that has sterols and stanols added to it lowers cholesterol as well, notes Mayo Clinic. Examples include margarines, yogurts and orange juice,.

General diet adjustments include eating fewer saturated fats such as those in meat and full-fat dairy, according to Mayo Clinic. Exercising more and reaching a healthy weight, or maintaining a healthy weight, contribute to healthy cholesterol levels also.

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