What Is a Good Diet for a Kid Who Has Diarrhea?


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The best diet for a child with diarrhea is his normal diet as long as he is not vomiting or suffering from dehydration. It is crucial to replace lost fluids and electrolytes, but major dietary changes are likely to prolong the diarrhea, as stated by KidsHealth.

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Shrinking portion sizes until the diarrhea passes may be helpful. Antiviral and antibiotic medications are not commonly prescribed for diarrhea cases because most children recover from diarrhea without medical intervention. Some children who are very young or who have weak immune systems may receive antibiotics to keep bacterial infection from moving throughout the body. Antiparasitic medicines are prescribed if a parasite has caused the diarrhea. The doctor may analyze a stool sample from the patient to determine whether a parasite, virus or bacteria is causing the diarrhea, according to KidsHealth.

The priority when helping children manage diarrhea is replacing electrolytes and fluids that they lose while vomiting, having diarrhea and recovering from fever. The doctor is likely to recommend that parents add liquids while maintaining the child's typical diet, offer more formula or breast milk to infants, or use an oral rehydration solution to put lost fluids back into children who are not yet dehydrated, notes KidsHealth.

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