What Is a Good Diet to Improve Liver Health?


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Eating a variety of foods from all the food groups and take in a sufficient amount of fiber will help lead to optimal liver health, reports the American Liver Foundation. Limiting intake of alcohol is also important.

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What Is a Good Diet to Improve Liver Health?
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When selecting foods for optimal liver, choose grains, dairy, fruits, proteins, vegetables and fats, advises the American Liver Foundation. Choose foods from all food groups. Add foods that are high in fiber content, including high-fiber cereals, rice, whole-grain breads, vegetables and fruits to the diet as well.

In addition to eating a healthy diet, the American Liver Foundation recommends limiting alcohol in the diet. Alcohol destroys or damages liver cells, and this damage can cause fat to build up in the liver, which is a condition known as fatty liver. It can also cause scarring of the liver, which is known as cirrhosis, and liver swelling, also referred to as alcoholic hepatitis. Those who have been diagnosed with liver disease can cause an exacerbation of symptoms and cause a negative impact on health by even consuming a small amount of alcohol.

In addition to diet, medication management is also vital for liver health, reports the American Liver Foundation. Taking the wrong medicine, mixing medications or taking too much of a particular medicine can be toxic for the liver.

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