What Is a Good Diet for Diverticulitis Patients?


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A good diet for a person with diverticulitis usually starts with a liquid diet, according to Mayo Clinic. This is because it is important to give the digestive system a chance to rest. Afterward, an individual may begin introducing lower-fiber foods and eventually move on to higher-fiber foods.

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Starting with a liquid diet includes foods such as broths, fruit juice, ice chips, ice pops, and tea or coffee without cream, states Mayo Clinic. As the patient begins to feel better, the doctor may recommend moving back to solid foods that are low in fiber. Examples of low-fiber foods include refined white bread, yogurt, cheese and white rice. Several other types of food to try include meats, fish and eggs, reports WebMD.

Later, as symptoms begin to improve, patients can switch to a high-fiber diet, as stated by WebMD. A diet high in fiber adds bulk to the stools, causing them to pass more easily through the colon. These foods also help reduce pressure on the digestive system. Foods such as whole-grain bread, beans, potatoes, apples and prunes are some high-fiber foods to consider adding to the diet. If after two or three days, a patient does not begin to feel better, Mayo Clinic recommends contacting a doctor.

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