What Is a Good Diet to Alleviate Acid Reflux?


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A diet that is low in fat but high in protein is often helpful at reducing a patient's risk for acid reflux, according to WebMD. He also is able to reduce his symptoms by eating smaller but more frequent meals, stopping before the stomach becomes too full.

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Acid reflux patients benefit from paying attention to the foods that cause them distress. High-acid foods, such as citrus fruits and tomatoes, are triggers for some, while WebMD indicates others find the chocolate or mint increases the reflux. Onions, garlic and spicy foods are other frequent offenders.

Anything the patient ingests is a potential problem. Caffeine-containing beverages and carbonated soda are some of the problem drinks, reports WebMD. Some people with acid reflux are able to tolerate alcohol while others are not.

While the patient might need over-the-counter or prescription medication, WebMD indicates there are other lifestyle changes to consider. Obesity increases the chances of suffering acid reflux, so patients benefit from losing weight. As they lose weight, they should avoid the temptation to wear tightly fitting clothes that put pressure on the stomach. If acid reflux occurs at bedtime, the patient benefits from ending his eating for the day a few hours before going to bed, to give the stomach time to empty.

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