What Is a Good Diet?

A good diet consists of different nutritious foods including a range of breads, lean meat, pastas, fruits and vegetables. A good diet ensures that fats and salt are minimal. Creating a good balance between exercise and food intake is essential in maintaining a recommended body weight.

A good diet consists of various foods that together supply all of the nutrients required by the body. The key to a balanced diet is to eat the required amount of food based on how active one is. It also entails a range of foods with different nutritional content. These include enough fruits and vegetables, starch such as bread, rice or whole grain varieties, dairy products such as milk, some proteins such as meat, eggs or beans, and a small amount food rich in fat and sugar.

Foods should also contain minerals such as iron and calcium. Iron helps to reduce risks of anemia, especially in women and girls. Calcium is important for strong bones.

A good diet maintains a healthy body weight while reducing chances of getting diet-related conditions including obesity, diabetes and certain cancers. Balancing between food intake and exercise helps to keep the body physically fit. A minimum of 30 minutes per day of physical exercise, such as walking, is recommended. Keeping fat intake to a minimum helps to avoid high cholesterol that may result due to excess fats.