What Are Good Diabetic Choices During a Colonoscopy Prep?


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Diabetics should work closely with a physician to prepare for a colonoscopy exam, according to WebMD. This includes having discussions about making temporary changes to medications, insulin and diet.

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What Are Good Diabetic Choices During a Colonoscopy Prep?
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Preparing for a colonoscopy exam may impact diet, insulin and medications, and it may temporarily change how an individual manages diabetes, as WebMD explains. Since each person's condition is treated based on individual needs, a physician should help individuals with diabetes make safe and healthy choices leading up to a colonoscopy as well as in the days following the procedure.

Preparing for a colonoscopy involves cleaning the colon through a combination of medicine and dietary changes. A physician may ask individuals to stop taking medications, including insulin, before and after the test, according to WebMD. It's important for individuals to let their physicians know what supplements, vitamins or medicines they are taking. The day before the test, individuals typically ingest only clear liquids, such as water, tea, coffee, clear juices such as apple and white grape juice, broths, gelatin, and sports drinks. A doctor can advise people with diabetes about how to manage their carbohydrate intake during this time as well as how to track blood sugar before and after the test.

Diabetics should bring a blood sugar meter and test strips with them when they arrive for the colonoscopy, as WebMD advises. They should also have glucose tablets or quick sugar food on hand in case their blood sugar drops too low.

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