What Are Some Good Devices for Groin Hernia Support?


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A good device for groin hernia support is a hernia truss, states the Mayo Clinic. This type of support device does not treat the hernia, but it makes some patients feel more comfortable until they are able to seek permanent treatment options.

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A hernia truss is comprised of a ball of leather, fabric or rubber that wraps over and around a hernia bulge, explains the University of Connecticut Health Center.

A hernia in the groin area, also called a inguinal hernia, occurs when part of the membrane in the abdominal cavity pokes through the abdominal muscles, notes the Mayo Clinic. It causes pain when patients bend over, cough or lift objects. The truss is designed to hold the bulge from the membrane in place through these daily activities. The supportive undergarment is sometimes recommended by doctors for small hernias that cause little pain. The only treatment option for hernias is surgery. If the intestine gets trapped within the muscle lining, it causes decreased blood flow to the area. This leads to serious complications, including death. Mayo Clinic recommends speaking with a doctor about hernia truss options before surgery.

Waiting to have surgery on a small hernia does not increase a patient's chances of having serious complications, states WebMD. Corsets are used to treat some symptoms associated with hernias. Some hernia support devices cause harm to the hernia and need to be monitored closely by a doctor.

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