What Are Some Good Desserts for Diabetics?


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Diabetic-friendly desserts include granola with fresh fruit, sugar-free fudge popsicles, sugar-free hot chocolate sprinkled with cinnamon, sugar-free pudding with a sugar-free topping and sugar-free gelatin topped with fruit, states Healthline. Such treats for sweet-toothed diabetics are not harmful when eaten in moderation and with an eye on the carbohydrate intake.

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What Are Some Good Desserts for Diabetics?
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Diabetes is a condition where the body cannot make enough insulin or use it to move glucose from the blood and into the cells for energy, explains Healthline. Thus, patients need to control their blood glucose levels with a lifestyle and diet that is beneficial to their health or they risk getting hyperglycemia, notes the American Diabetes Association. When untreated, hyperglycemia results in a life-threatening condition known as ketoacidosis or diabetic coma, which requires immediate medical treatment.

Carbohydrates include simple sugars, such as dextrose, glucose, sucrose and fructose, that raise the blood glucose level, according to Healthline. Many diabetics opt for sugar replacements that do not add calories or carbohydrates to eat foods that have a sweet taste while still keeping within their carbohydrate limit. These replacements include artificial sweeteners such as saccharin and sugar alcohols such as sorbitol. However, natural sweeteners such as nectars, molasses and honey do affect blood glucose levels. The only exception is Stevia, a natural sweetener which, though sweeter than sugar, does not affect blood glucose levels.

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