What Are Some Good Cough Expectorant Medicines?


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Good cough expectorant medicines include Mucinex, Pima, Duratuss G and Altarussin, states Drugs.com. Cough expectorants thin the mucus so patients have an easier time coughing it up, states WebMD. This, along with drinking plenty of water, clears mucus from the airway, decreasing coughing bouts.

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Common side effects of taking a cough expectorant include nausea and vomiting, states WebMD. People who are on antidepressants and people who have high blood pressure or heart disease must not take cough expectorants. Mucinex, which is one of the most popular cough expectorants, contains guaifenesin in its sustained-release tablets, an ingredient to which some people have allergic reactions, states Drugs.com.

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