What Are Some Good Core Exercises for Men?


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Some good core exercises for men include Spiderman plank crunch, cable rotation, bicycle crunch and cross crunch. A strong core helps counteract back pain, enhances agility and increases flexibility.

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What Are Some Good Core Exercises for Men?
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To perform the Spiderman plank crunch, the man begins in a traditional plank stance with his forearms on the ground and back straight. He brings his right knee to his right elbow and back; then his left knee to his left elbow and back. He alternates knees for a total of 10 reps.

For cable rotation, he holds the cable in front of him with both hands just below shoulder height. With straight arms and engaged abs, he rotates left, back to center, then right and back to center. He repeats this for 10 reps.

The bicycle crunch is a 60-second workout. He lies on his back with hands behind his head and legs in the air bent at 90 degrees. He alternates sides, bringing his right elbow to his left knee and vice versa.

The position for cross crunch is lying on his back with limbs splayed so that his body looks like an X. With straight arms and legs, he alternates touching his right hand to his left foot, then left hand to his right foot. He lifts his head, neck and shoulders off the ground with each reach.

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